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This article appeared in the Winter 2012 edition of American Muscle Kart

The Unlimited All-Stars Divisional Program

By Mark Bergfelt

Since the middle of the summer of 2012 the UAS National Office has been investigating the implementation of a Divisional program within the UAS.  The UAS national program is genuinely that; a program that literally includes racers from all over the country.  That’s great, but there are many UAS racers who are not able to participate in a national program.  A Divisional program will also allow the UAS to take advantage of some great venues in parts of the country that are not centrally located.

Although moving the Grand Nationals to the geographic center of the country has done more to cause a recent rapid expansion in the number of regions, the strength of the UAS still, and always will be in racers at the local regional level pulling their resources to develop their own programs to the best of their ability.  The National offices role in that is to co-ordinate that effort and to maintain a common set of universally accepted rules.

After the third successful Grand Nationals, all of which were exceptionally well attended, it is the national office’s estimate that the number of UAS racers at that event represents approximately 10% of the total number that participates in regional activity at one time or another throughout the year.  That estimate is based upon the data base that has been developed between UAS and American Muscle Kart records.  The UAS National Office will continue to help administrators develop their regional programs, but it need to be understood that the responsibility for growing any region lies with the racers within those regions.

American Muscle Kart recently finished their annual Excellence awards survey that contained some important questions that will help steer the UAS efforts.  It is clear to the national office that the present centrally located Grand National site suits the majority of interested racers at this point in time.  The national office will therefore seek an agreement for a 2014 GN site that is centrally located.  Lasoski Speedway is certainly a top contender for that event but the national office will entertain proposals for review from other suitable venues.  Regardless, readers need to know that the national championship program with remain as it is outlined in the rule book.

The purpose of implementing a Divisional program is to allow the opportunity for racers who may not be able to travel to the Grand National but who still would like to participate in an event and point championship similar to it.  The Divisional program will consist of the combining of 4,5 or 6 regions in close proximity to each other.  The Divisional program will use exactly the same points system that is in place for the national program.  The only difference will be that instead of using the Grand National for one half of racers’ points, the Divisional Race finish will be used instead.   This point system will be simple to implement and will not affect the national or regional points in any way as the various divisions form and develop.  The National Office expects it to take several seasons to iron out the issues necessary to get the program in place all over the country.
Here’s what needs to happen.

  1.  How many divisions should be formed?
  2. What regions will belong in what division?
  3. Who will the Directors of the various regions be?  It will be a requirement for there to be a director before a region can form.
  4. The question needs to be answered, are Divisional championship races open to all UAS members or only to the ones from within the Division the race is for?
  5. When will the divisional races take place? 

One example of what the various Divisions could be;
North East Division
Empire, Up-State New York, Keystone, Virginia, North West Ohio
South East Division
Florida, Carolina, Tennessee, Appalachian, Ohio Valley
Central Division
Central Plains, Iowa, Indiana-Illinois, Oklahoma, Ozark
Western Division
Washington, Oregon, Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas

These divisions are a suggestion for discussion purposes at this time.  Of course it is expected that there may be better combinations but this recommendation is based on what has been observed to be the most logical natural migration between racers in the various regions.
Since the points within the divisions do not affect the national system it is possible and likely that some divisions will form quicker in others, and that’s ok.  The first regions to band together to do this will serve as models for the others.

The next step is now up to the various regions do decide to get started.  The National Office is ready to help co-ordinate things.  Those who want to, have the green flag to get started.