Unlimited All-Stars License and Membership Information


Link to the Official Membership Application is at the bottom of this page.

Please read this page before downloading the form.

If you are renewing your UAS membership, please send it directly to the UAS National Office but...

...New members still must apply through a regional administrator to be counselled about the expectations of UAS drivers and to be observed in competition.



This page was last updated 12/7/2017

"We don't necessarily want the most drivers, but we do want the best."

How to become a licensed member of the Unlimited All-Stars

Unlimited All-Stars karts are among the highest powered competition karts anywhere, especially on small dirt tracks and to be safely operated must be operated by drivers with an advanced level of skill and a committment to the highest standards of sportsmanship. The Unlimited All-Stars is not an entry level class. Membership is required for persons who want to compete at the grand nationals and to earn national points. Some regions may require national membership to participate in their regional events but that is determined by the administrator of the individual regions.

In two areas of the country divisions have been formed made up of multiple regions. Those two divisions are the North-East (Keystone, Empire, Up-State NY and Central NY Regions) and the West Coast (Arizona, Nor-Cal, So-Cal, Oregon, Washington and Idaho Regions). In order to receive points for those Divisional Championships UAS membership is required as well.


Persons who wish to compete in at official Unlimited All-Stars events must;

1.Read and understand and agree to abide by the rules and policies of the Unlimited All-Stars, especially the following excerpts;

8. Driver Eligibility

A. Drivers must be at least 18 years old.

B. Drivers must register with their local office of the Unlimited All-Stars, read these rules and policies, and sign a document stating that he/she has read the same and will comply with these regulations. All Drivers must be licensed and registered members of the Unlimited All-Stars in order to be eligible to compete.

C. Series administrators will have a supply of the rules, and registration applications available at each event for the purpose of registering drivers at the local level.

D. Drivers who blatantly do not comply with these rules and policies are subject to suspension from all UAS events, in all regions, during the time of suspension.

The regional administrator who suspends a driver is to e-mail all of the other regional administrators informing them of whom the suspended driver is and the length of the suspension.

All regional administrators are to enforce the suspension.

iii This provision is only to be used as a last resort. The most likely remedy for infractions is disqualification from the event by the event promoter.

Note to Competitors

The Unlimited All-Stars is intended to be a ladies and gentlemen’s series and all drivers and crew members are expected to act accordingly. If you can’t or won’t drive and act in a professional manner, then race in another division. We don’t necessarily want the most drivers, but we do want the best. Please give your competitors room to race. Respect the other drivers; they have a lot invested too. Rough driving, foul language, and unsportsmanlike conduct are not appreciated. Officials are requested to be especially firm with the Unlimited All-Stars. Remember, a lot of kids look up to YOU.

Spirit and Intent

The Unlimited All-Stars was created to preserve and promote open class kart racing. Innovation is allowed and encouraged. These rules were created to provide parameters for the purpose of safety, and consistency from track to track and region to region. Generally speaking, if a rule does not specifically state that something is not permitted, then it can be assumed that it is permitted. Series administrators are personally involved with the series/circuit in their region and will monitor the effect of new technology as it is created. Any rule adjustments that become necessary to maintain a level playing field due to the introduction of new technology will go into effect the following year.


Bergfelt Racing Enterprises, LLC (BRE) and all other sponsors of the Unlimited All-Stars LLC, receive no financial considerations for monies from the events in this circuit/series. Their sole purpose is to publicize the races and recognize the participants and they (BRE and other sponsors) are in no way responsible for the operation or organization of the racing activities at any of the tracks that host an Unlimited All-Stars event. Competitors must realize that kart racing is a dangerous activity and they are to assume all risks to themselves and their property."


2.Introduce yourself to a Regional Administrator. You must provide the Regional Administrator with evidence that you are capable of driving a UAS kart in an acceptable manner, and that you are willing to abide by the rules and policies of the Unlimited All-Stars.

3.Submit to your Regional Administrator a properly filled out Unlimited All-Stars membership application and the $57 annual dues.

4.The Regional Administrator will retain the membership form until after the candidate for a UAS license/membership has successfully competed in one (1) event of that region. Successful completion of an event means that the driver has demonstrated the ability to safely handle a UAS kart in competition situations and conduct him/her self with a high level of sportsmanship. (In 2008 a precident was set that drivers could apply for membership at a national event.)

5.Once the candidate for a UAS license/membership has successfully competed at the required local region event, the Regional Administrator will sign off and submit the form and appropriate fees to the National Office of the Unlimited All-Stars. At this point in time the candidate is now a licensed UAS driver and is eligible to compete in any region and at national events. Please keep in mind that Unlimited All-Stars drivers are always expected to display the highest level of sportsmanship


Once the membeship application is received at the national office the new member;

1. will be mailed an Unlimited All-Stars Competition License/Membership card. The license permits the driver to compete in any region and at Unlimited All-Stars national events.

2. will receive two (2) official Unlimited All-Stars decals.


3. will be added to the mailing list of American Muscle Kart for the next 4 issues of that publication. In instances where a member already has a subscription, that subscription will be extended by 4 issues.

4. will be eligible to earn national (and divisional, where applicable) ranking points.


Other Notes Concerning Unlimited All-Stars Membership

Annual Membership dues for 2021

Drivers who want to reserve their own unique national number may do so for an additional $10. Drivers must indicate their first three choices. Numbers are first come, first serve with the exception of past national champions followed by past members of the longest continuous membership when processing their requests. Drivers will retain this number until theri membership ceases to be renewed and allowed to expire. The number "1" is automatically assigned to the national champion of the previous year. Numbers may be up to three characters.

Membership is for one season. Membership expires November 30.

New UAS member candidates must make their initial application through a regional administrator.

Drivers who have been UAS memberships in past years and for whom there is a membership number on file at the national office, may renew their membership directly through the UAS national office.

The regional administrator is exempt from paying membership dues for the year that he is the official regional administrator.

Allocation of Dues, The $57 annual dues are allocated as follows:

$35 is used for end of season awards (driver memberships)

$5 is allocated for administrative and statistic costs

$17 is allocated to pay for the American Muscle Kart Subscription

If you pay $10 for reservng a national number, those funds are allocated for Grand National expenses.


Summary of Fees

Annual membership dues...................$40

American Muscle Kart Subscrption...$17

Optional National Number Reservaton Fee.... $10


If you have ever been issued a UAS membership card and were ever assigned a member number (not your kart number) you should send your membership application and payment directly to the National Office. This is ALOT MORE efficient than giving it to your administrator who has to send it in anyway.




Download Senior UAS Membership Application

Download Junior UAS Membership Application