Unlimited All-Stars


Unlimited All-Stars
National Ranking System

The Unlimited All-Stars (UAS) continues to grow on the dirt tracks across the country. The UAS was created to preserve and promote open class kart racing as well as a high level of ingenuity and sportsmanship. Presently there is official UAS action in Arizona, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Indiana, Tennessee, Virginia, Ohio and Washington. It was only natural that these highly competitive people started requesting some sort of method of determining who the leading racers are. As a result, a system for ranking drivers nationally utilizing regional and national races was developed.

Each UAS region has always held a series of races, usually between 6 and 12, to determine their regional champions. In 2009 there will be four national UAS races. The ranking system uses a combination of regional and national events. The system also allows drivers to compete in multiple regions to earn points for their national ranking. Keep in mind that this is primarily a ranking system to allow drivers to see how they measure up compared to other drivers across the country. In some ways it is similar to the system that ranks college sports teams even though they may never actually face each other.

Naturally, the scoring system outlined in the official UAS National Rules will be the foundation of the system.

Regardless of where a driver competes his BEST 6 Race day totals from regular regional UAS races will be counted. In addition to that, the driver's best two National Race daily totals will be added, however the National races will count double points.

Race 1 + Race 2 + Race 3 + Race 4 + Race 5 + Race 6 + (National x 2) + (National x 2) = total

Everyone, who is an Unlimited All-Stars member, who runs in the UAS anywhere will have a National ranking.
Using two nationals that are weighted heavier will break most ties. If there are any ties after that, so be it. Some regions require UAS membership to participate in their events and some do not, but membership is required to be included in the national ranking system and to compete for points in most regional series.

For those who only run locally, at this time, only their best six races will count toward their 2007 national ranking. Their point totals will be lower than those who do run nationals but they will be consistent with others in other regions. Sure there will be ties but the system will give people and idea of where they stack up.

UAS Driver Benefits

  • Drivers can compete for point standings with-in their local region reducing travel needs.
  • Drivers who prefer to travel can accumulate points no matter which region they visit.
  • Each region handles awards and pay-offs in a manner suitable to the people who participate there.
  • The national ranking system allows drivers from across the country to see just how they stack up with other racers. It provides a standard that drivers can use to measure improvments in their racing.
  • The national ranking system is more attractive to potential sponsors.

The national statistician for the UAS is Jeff Davis, 828-429-5261, [email protected]