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The 2013 Unlimited All-Stars Muscle Kart Grand National

that took place at

Lasoski Speedway, Warrensburg, MO

View Promotional Video

These were theDriver Expectations for Grand Nationals - All Grand National Drivers Were Required to Read this!

September 13, 14 and 15


To download a pdf file version of the advertisement for this event as it appeared in American Muscle Kart click here.

Race Format
2 Lap Qualifying (with infared beam timing system)
Top 6 Qualifers run 6 lap fast dash to determine top 6 spots
Remainder of field divided into heats, 7th to 18 th A-Main starting positions from heats, 10 laps
D-Main, C-Main, B-Main, number of transfers to be determined on race day, 12 laps
20 lap A Main, top 20 to start, payback to all A-Main starters
UAS membership required to enter this event. Those who would like to become a member for this event need to contact Mark Bergfelt asap.

Saturday Race Day Schedule
Gates Open: 7:00 AM
Practice/Hot Laps Start: 8:30 AM
Qualifying Starts: Noon
Friday Practice
Gates open: 1:00 pm
Practice: 5:00-7:00 pm

Open Practice was Friday, September 14
Gates Opened at1:00 PM
Practice was from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM


Video of the A-Main (Baalman)

Video of the A-main (Seay)

Video of the B-main (Baalman)

Audio Calls from Trak Promotions with Steve Truitt

Winner Interview

Interview with Australian entry Mark Kokocinski

Fast Dash, Heat 1 , Heat 2 , Heat 3 , Heat 4 , Heat 5 , Heat 6, B-Main, A-Main


Fast Time Tom Spanal, 10.302 sec.

Fast Dash Finish

19 Stephen Chase
37 Michael Nicosia
15 Buddy Wilson
23 Brian Good
31 Jamie Ferrell...
14 Tom Spanal

Group 1 Heat Finish

33 Robby Yow
54 Terry Hollifield
X3 Joe Womochill
87 Aaron Pullman
81 Keith Baalman

Group 2 Heat Finish

09 Robbie Sarchet
28 Brian Cherry
27 Joe Warning
29 Morton Gordon
7 Eric Stansberry

Group 3 Heat Finish

97 Justin Westerfeld
99 Justin Gilbert
3 Mark Kokocinski
44 Shane Smith
54W Joe Walters

Group 4 Heat Finish

39 Victor Peters
999 Jim Klaiber
35 Jason Mayo
12 Kenny Huffaker
34 Jay Nachtigal

Group 5 Heat Finish

41 Stevie Smith
11X Makayla Stark
36 Wayne Felch
30 Jason Lindgren
67 Kris Birky

Group 6 Heat Finish

0 Dustin Hammond
10 Christy Mayo
96 Eric Hansen
91 James Lynard

B-Main Finish (top 2 transfer to A-Main)

1. 36 Wayne Felch
2. 27W Joe Warning
3. 3 Mark Kokocinski
4. 87 Aaron Pullman
5. 44 Shane Smith
6. 7 Eric Stansberry
7. 30 Jason Lindgren
8. 29 Gordon Morton
9. 81 Keith Baalman
10. 54 Terry Hollifield
11. 96 Eric Hansen
12. 67 Kris Birky
13. 34 Jay Nachtigal
14. 35 Jason Mayo
15. X3 Joe Womochill
16. 12 Kenny Huffaker
17. 91 James Lynard

A-Main Finish

1. 15 Buddy Wilson, Paris, IL
2. 37 Michael Nicosia, Springhill, FL
3. 97 Justin Westerfeld, Guilford, IN
4. 41 Stevie Smith, Fayetteville, AZ
5. 31 Jamie Ferrell, Indianapolis, IN
6. 11X Makayla Stark, Danville, IL
7. 09 Robbie Sarchet, Wapakoneta, OH
8. 14 Tom Spanal, Charlotte, NC
9. 19 Stephen Chase, Madera, CA
10. 27 Joe Warning, Lawrenceburg, IN
11. 0 Dustin Hammond, South Vienna, OH
12. 10 Christy Mayo, Odessa, TX
13. 99 Justin Gilbert, Newton, NC
14. 39 Victor Peters, Springhill, FL
15. 999 Jin Klaiber, Coalgrove, OH
16. 33 Robby Yow, Greensboro, NC
17. 54 Terry Hollifield, Newton, NC
18. 36 Wayne Felch, Oregon City, OR
19. 23 Brian Good, Grandforks, ND
20. 28 Brian Cherry, Armagh, PA

































































































































































































































































































































































The Unlimited All-Stars thanks the following people for pitching in to help make the 2013 UAS Grand Nationals a success!

Over $800 worth of Merchandise for B-Main finishers - Target Distributing

Over $800 worth of Merchandise from Track-Tac

$250 donation to purse and a Set of Tires to the Winner of the B-Main- Burris Racing

$150 donation to purse - AD Designs


Additional Merchandise was provided by

Dirt Dog TV



The Following People Made the 2013 UAS Grand Nationals Happen

The staff at Lasosky Speedway

Mark Bergfelt - Race Director

Teresa Bergfelt - UAS registration, timing, award distribution

Steve Truitt - Announcer

Hillary Truitt- Timing and scoring assistant, award distribution

Darrell Kelso - photographer

Bob Berlin - Pre-race safety tech

Steve Flitman- Pre-race safety tech

Joe Torres - Post Race Tech.

Troy Lamb - sign

Winners Trophy - Bergfelt Racing Ent., LLC

Trophies 2nd through 5th - Bobby Baldwin and the Pritt Family

Plaques for 6th through 10th - Dee Black

$100 Class Award from Bergfelt Racing Enterprises, LLC will be presented to Makayla Stark







2012 National Excellence Awards Presentations


Award Winners

Robbie Sarchet, National Champion

Justin Westerfeld, Runner-Up

Ben Gallup, Third Place

Justin Gilbert, Fourth Place

Eddie Gilbert, Fifth Place

Charlie Stoffa, Sixth Place and Administrator of the Year

Michael Nicosia, Seventh Place

Wayne Felch, Eighth Place, UAS Rookie of the Year, and Most Innovative Racer of the Year

Victor Peters, 9th Place

Robby Yow, 10th Place and teamed-up with Chris Seay Best Appearing Race Team

Ben Taft, Most Improved Driver

Darrin Marcum, Sportsman of the Year

John and Pete Decker, Gypsy Award

Brian Abel, Most Unselfish Service to the UAS